Adaptive Edge Skating

Adaptive Edge Skating School at the Adirondack Bank Center is a person-centered approach to ice skating for children ages 2 to 16 years who exhibit physical, communication and/or cognitive challenges which may impede their ability to belong to a traditional skating club.  The program is designed to achieve success in ice skating by having coaches and volunteers work directly with each skater to facilitate his or her ability to enjoy a skating sport.  With a customized program for each child, the program will also encourage social skills, self-confidence and ultimately serve as a feeder program to community skating clubs.


Coaching Staff

Adaptive Edge Skating School is led by former figure skater, Courtney Gouger, who is also a speech/language pathologist, and a certified ISI (Ice Sports Industry) coach.   In addition to coaches, the program will incorporate volunteers who are skilled in skating, and knowledgeable about working with children with developmental or cognitive delays.  Several of the volunteers are also physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech/language pathologists.



Costs per child to participate in the program are:

ISI Skating Membership                    $15.00

12 Week Skating School                   $105.00

Total without equipment                    $120.00



Prior to the program start date, your child will be measured for skates, as well as for identifying any special adaptive equipment your child may require to get started.  Adaptive equipment can include an ice walker, bar seat walker, or other adaptive equipment to support and enhance your child’s ice-skating experience.  Families will need to purchase their own skates and helmets for their child.   A grant from the Save of the Day Foundation will provide some support for any additional that may be needed.  Adaptive Edge Skating coaches will work with you and area vendors to secure the necessary adaptive equipment.



Obviously being down on the ice will be cold.  In addition to the required skates and helmets, your child should wear snow pants and mittens.



If a child has a sibling that would like to learn to skate with their sibling, or a good friend, a Buddy can be registered to participate for $50.00.   Please talk with your coach if you have a ‘buddy’ for your child.

Session II Schedule

January 11th - 8am – 9am

January 18th - 8am – 9am

Jan. 19th - 8am – 8:50am

Jan. 26th - 8am – 8:50am

Feb. 2nd - 9am – 10am

Feb. 15th - 8am – 9am

Feb. 16th - 8am – 8:50am

Feb. 29th - 8am – 8:50am

March 1st - 9am – 9:50am

March 7th - 8am – 9:50am


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