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The Utica Comets and Utica City FC 2019 Coloring Contest has officially wrapped up its fifth year. The annual contest for students in kindergarten through fifth grade saw participation from 36 schools all across the Mohawk Valley. Throughout four years, the goal has remained simple: for local youth to engage with the Comets and Utica City FC’s brands.

The 36 schools participated in the contest to showcase their students’ artistic abilities and to be able to color and modify a Utica Comets or Utica City FC picture in his or her own way. The winners were chosen by both the Utica Comets and Utica City FC players. Prizes included an iPad Mini for all the winners, a pizza party with Audie for second place winners, a Comets’ VIP experience for first place winners. For the grand prize winners, prizes included a shopping spree in the Team Store, an Xbox One and EA Sports NHL 19, a Comets premier VIP experience and an appearance at their school by either Utica Comets or Utica City FC players.

“The Coloring Contest is a wonderful opportunity to involve the players in the community,” Colleen Cianfrocco, Save of the Day Foundation CEO. “It is also a great way to help the kids in our community feel a connection to the Comets and the UCFC players.”

The Save of the Day Foundation began with a focus on education and with the vision that nothing is more vital to a child’s success than the fundamentals learned in the classroom. Save of the Day supports organizations that focus on formal K-12 education programs that innovate and motivate children to stay in school, do well academically and encourage higher education. Understanding the importance of a safe learning environment, the Foundation supports a range of opportunities for youth to develop their own special talents. To learn more about the Save of the Day Foundation, visit

Grand Prize:

K-2 category – Makenzie Kilbourne (MLK Jr. Elementary)

3-5 category – Soren Stevenson (Huge R. Jones Elementary)

1st Prize:

Kindergarten – Isabella Marino (Albany St. Elementary)

1st Grade – Jewelry Soe (J.F. Hughes Elementary)

2nd Grade – Olivia Rice (Notre Dame Elementary)

3rd Grade – Brielle Schrader (Poland Central School)

4th Grade – Eva Frazier (Roscoe Conkling Elementary School)

5th Grade – Savannah Wilcox (Mt. Markham Middle School)

2nd Prize:

Kindergarten – Andrew Muha (Adirondack CSD)

1st Grade – Kinsley Fremo (Adirondack CSD)

2nd Grade – Thaw Wah (Watson Williams Elementary)

3rd Grade – Javell Kelley (Kernan Elementary)

4th Grade – Amelia Lohr (J.D. George Elementary)

5th Grade – Harper Nappi (Hugh R. Jones Elementary)

3rd Prize:

Kindergarten – Andrew Meiss (Marcy Elementary)

1st Grade – Ella Dee (MLK Jr. Elementary)

2nd Grade – Ava MacDairmid (Robert L. Bradley Elementary

3rd Grade – Hailey DeRocco (Frankfort-Schuyler (Reese Rd.) Elementary)

4th Grade – Arianna Walsh (Town of Webb School)

5th Grade – Rhiannah DeVoe (Adirondack Elementary)

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