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Brianna Parks, an ORB concession worker, was diagnosed with Lupus SLE one week before she turned 19. Since that time, she has also developed Alopecia, Raynaulds Disease, and Pleurisy. Every 28 days, Brianna receives a 2-hour IV infusion at NYU Languone in the hopes of getting her symptoms into remission. At this point, the infusions haven’t begun working and she is scheduled to receive them at least through March.

She is determined to finish out her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Pace University, all while holding a spot on their Division II softball team. Being part of this team is a huge driving force in keeping Brianna in fighting through her pain. Her teammates have been a tremendous support for her as well as her coach, Claudia Stabile.

Her big smile hides a lot of pain and tears but, Brianna is a fighter. She is a part of the Comets family and needs your support during her battle with Lupus.

For a minimum donation of $5 to the Save of the Day Foundation, you can purchase a pre-addressed postcard to send Brianna a message of encouragement and strength. Postcards will be available at a table in the concourse on Friday, January 12.

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