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The Utica Comets announced today the details of the fourth annual Save of the Day Foundation week. A tradition that first began in 2017, Save of the Day week highlights the partnership between the Comets and Save of the Day, a foundation dedicated to helping children with life threatening illnesses and local 501(c)3 organizations throughout the Mohawk Valley. Last year was the first year the Foundation expanded to a week’s worth of games, and this year, Esche revealed that for the first time, Utica City FC will kick off the week with their own Save of the Day match on Sunday, January 12 against the Harrisburg Heat, followed by three Comets games on January 15, 17 and 18 against the Wolf Pack and Cleveland Monsters, respectively.

Save of the Day week will feature specialty jerseys for both the Comets and Utica City FC, with the Comets in their staple black and neon green and Utica City FC in black and neon blue. This year, fans will have multiple different ways to walk home with a game used jersey, with a number of auctions offered throughout the week. During the Utica City FC match, fans will be able to purchase 10 tickets for $20 and participate in a chance raffle out on the concourse. Immediately following the Utica City FC match on Sunday, January 12, the team will also host a live postgame jersey auction.

For fans looking to get their hands on a Comets jersey, there will be three different ways to do so.

· Best Bid Auction (9 jerseys): write your best (highest) possible bid on a slip of paper corresponding to a jersey; highest bidder wins; will run for all three games with the winner chosen on after the first period on Saturday

· Chance Auction (9 jerseys): purchase a string of tickets for $20, distribute them in buckets corresponding to a jersey; ticket drawn at random out of each bucket; will run for all three games with the winner chosen on Saturday

· Live Auction (9 jerseys): live, postgame auction immediately following the game on Saturday, January 18

The proceeds from all of the jersey auctions will go towards Save of the Day and directly impact local children battling life threatening illnesses and local 501(c)3 organizations in need. Last year’s Save of the Day week, combined with a Gala fundraiser, collected over $200,000.

In addition to the jersey auctions, fans in attendance at each of the games during Save of the Day week will be able to get their hands on a number of exclusive, arena-wide giveaways.

· Entire Week: Save of the Day Bookmarks

· January 15: Rubber Bracelets

· January 17: Thundersticks, courtesy of Adirondack Bank

· January 18: Rally Towels, courtesy of Pepsi

Finally, Save of the Day week will feature a 4-game carryover for the 50/50, giving one lucky fan the chance to walk home with tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, each night a winner will be drawn for a game-worn jersey.

· 1/12 – Ben Ramin #2 Jersey(Blue)

· 1/15 – Leitner #10 Jersey(White)

· 1/17 – Virtanen #18 Jersey(Green)

“It has been fun growing the Save of the Day week each year annually, and we look forward to building on that in terms of both fundraising and awareness,” said Comets President Robert Esche. “Throughout the week, it is important to remember that the focus is on our community, and how we can play a part in improving and changing the lives of those around us.”

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