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New Year Means New Grants

With the start of the new year, The Save of the Day Foundation will begin awarding grants to organizations that focus on improving the lives of youth in the Mohawk Valley in either health and wellness, education or fitness. The foundation believes that those three areas will develop and construct a solid foundation in children’s lives and ultimately lead them to brighter futures in the community.

The Rob Esche “Save of the Day Foundation” supports organizations that focus on the health and well being of children in the Mohawk Valley. Not only does the foundation encourage healthy lifestyles, but supports various organizations in their research, care and prevention of youth health issues.

Another core focus of the foundation is education, as nothing is more vital to a child’s success than the fundamentals learned in the classroom. The Save of the Day Foundation supports organizations that focus on formal K-12 education programs that innovate and motivate children to stay in school, do well academically and encourage higher education. Understanding the importance of a safe learning environment, the foundation hopes to help create a range of environments for youth to develop their own special talents.

Finally, the Save of the Day Foundation considers fitness to be beneficial, as it develops teamwork while stressing what can be achieved with dedication and hard work. Bringing together diverse backgrounds, fitness efforts teach children how to face problems with fairness and strength.

The foundation began accepting grant applications on January 1, and requires all organizations to submit their applications by March 1, 2016. All applications will not be reviewed until after the deadline, and organizations will be notified of their grant acceptance or decline via email within eight weeks from March 1.

For more information, or to apply for a grant, please visit the grant tab.

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